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Health Care Access And The Elderly Policies, Ethical And...

Health Care Access and the Elderly: Policies, Ethical and Legal Provisions Jacqueline Collins Capella University November 12, 2016 Health Care Access and the Elderly: Policies, Ethical and Legal Provisions The elderly population in the United States has been and is expected to increase due to the aging of the baby boomers’ generation. The percentage of the elderly in relation to the U.S. total population is approximately 14% (Novak, 2012). With the expected increment, the overall state of health across the nation will be dependent on how healthy the elderly are. Consequently, measures to ensure optimal health of this age group should be a priority for policymakers and other stakeholders in the health sector. Among the various issues addressed by the Healthy People 2020 vision is solving disparities in health (Sullivan, 2010; Healthy People, 2016). Minority groups, including the elderly, are the most affected by these disparities. Health care access among the elderly is still negatively affecting the overall health and economy of the United States, despite various policies developed to curb the issue. In t ruth, accessibility of health care services for the elderly has been a continuing problem, and the greatest contributor is the health care system itself. While others may direct the blame to increase health care costs, it should be noted that the root of the escalating costs is arising from the health care system. The current system is heavily based on theShow MoreRelatedStandards Of Care And Emergency Preparedness Essay3381 Words   |  14 Pages10/15/16 – Standards of Care and Emergency Preparedness Unit 1 The nursing professional of today, have come a long way in achieving the Standards of Care (SOC), participating in the decision making of policies. Ethics learning according to the Code of Ethics should be practiced with every patient you come in contact with, advocating and providing the right treatment for your patients. This unit was informative about the Standards of Care, which is an important guideline for the nursing professionRead MoreHealth Care Problems That Affect The Elderly Essay4215 Words   |  17 PagesThe purpose of this paper is to consider the health care problems that causes hindrance to fulfilled health care needs for the elderly and to investigate health inequality and the cost of health care that affects the elderly. Most senior citizens in America lack access to health care. Some of the primary hindrances to access are immobilize, inadequate transport system, and poverty. The inaccessible health care results in increased medical effects, mortality rates, in creased medical costs, and additionalRead MoreEthical and Legal Concepts in Healthcare1019 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Ethical LEGAL CONCEPTS in HEALTH CARE By (Student Name) DELETE THIS SLIDE AFTER YOU READ IT Why is This Important? Access and funding for health care, both private and public, is a huge concern with many Americans (if not most) Many of the government health care frameworks and questions face major long-term questions of viability and direction ( Opinions on the topic are far from monolithic and even further from being settled Statement of Problem There are a number of questionsRead MoreThe Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay1245 Words   |  5 PagesPatient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has generated immense controversy amongst the American political spectrum over the past eight years. Most commonly known as the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, this law sought to provide health insurance coverage to more Americans and reduce the growth of healthcare spending in the United States. The Democratic Party, led by the election of President Barack Obama in 2008, argued that providing and extending health insurance coverage to millionsRead MoreP4 – Outline Working Strategies and Procedures Used in Health and Social Care to Reduce Risk of Abuse. M2 – Describe Legislation and Regulations, Working Strategies and Procedures Used in Health and Social Care to2485 Words   |  10 Pagesneed of care and support form care services, who is experiencing, or is at risk of significant abuse or neglect and who is unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation. There are a number of vulnerable groups within society which are: the frail and elderly, the less abled and individuals with mental health problems or learning difficulties, visual or hearing impairments or with some form of disease. It is important that the promotion of safeguarding adults is carried out by health careRead MoreMental Health Provision For Latino And Rural Populations2373 Words   |  10 Pagesin Mental Health Provision for Latino and Rural Populations Danielle Sanchez Our Lady of the Lake University SOWK 6331 June 1, 2015 The provision of mental health services in the U.S. is a social justice issue that affects vulnerable populations in a variety of ways, including: limited access to quality mental health programs, especially in rural areas; the stigma associated with seeking mental health help; and discrimination against those with mental health issues. TheRead MoreGlaxosmithkline6780 Words   |  28 Pages(domestically and internationally); activist groups (such as the Minnesota Senior Federation, the National Association of the Terminally Ill, the Coalition for Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs, the Massachusetts Senior Action Council, and the American Association for Retired Persons); foreign governments (such as the German Health Ministry and the European Union); federal, state and local governments and regulatory agencies (such as the Food and Drug Administration, Medicare, and the U.SRead MoreGlaxosmithkline6791 Words   |  28 Pages(domestically and internationally); activist groups (such as the Minnesota Senior Federation, the National Association of the Terminally Ill, the Coalition for Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs, the Massachusetts Senior Action Council, and the American Association for Retired Persons); foreign governments (such as the German Health Ministry and the European Union); federal, state and local governments and regulatory agencies (such as the Food and Drug Administration, Medicare, and the U.SRead MoreCounselling: Ethics and Social Care1870 Words   |  8 Pages3 10 Bibliography 2.1 Explain how current ethical guidelines for counsellors and supervisor practitioners influence counselling interactions in health amp; social care. (400 words) The purpose of this report is to explain how current ethical guidelines for counsellors and supervisor practitioners influence counselling interactions in health and social care. â€Å"Everyone who works within the health and social care sector has to abide by the ethical guidelines. â€Å"Ethics can be defined as a set ofRead MoreBarriers for a Nurse Practitioner to Practice in Long Term Care3550 Words   |  15 PagesBarriers that prevent Nurse Practitioners from practicing in Long Term Care Facilities Nancy Marshall A thesis presented to the School of Graduate Nursing Mountain State University In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Science in Nursing 2012 1 Chapter 1 Introduction Nurse Practitioners (NPs) play a key role in long term health care by ensuring provision of holistic healthcare services particularly in remote areas and in those areas that have few

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How Does The United States Media Affects Mental Illness...

Research Question How does the United States media, specifically in television, portray mental illness? Methodology Modern television shows will be analyzed to find any indication of a shift from misrepresentation of the mentally ill to a portrayal that does not represent them as incapable or unable to perform well socially in the real world, or in a job. Shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Homeland will be evaluated based on the correct representation of disorders such as posttraumatic stress disorder, alcoholism/addiction, and bipolar disorder. These shows will be compared to other television shows such as Saved by the Bell that misrepresent mental illness. A detectible shift from negative misrepresentation to a more positive representation will be prevalent if there is a focus on a disorder of an individual in not just a negative light. Results An analysis of the television show Saved by the Bell revealed a distortion of the severity of a disorder. In this show, one of the characters, Jessie, has a caffeine pill addiction. Caffeine pills are supposed to make her stay more focused during the stressful times in school. However, her addiction causes her to have a breakdown and her mother thinks something should be done. She announces to her friends, â€Å"My mom’s taking me to the doctor tomorrow for counseling† (Bobrick Barnhart, 1989). After this, her addiction is not mentioned again and is presumably cured. This is a misrepresentation of addiction and addiction recoveryShow MoreRelatedReducing Mental Health Stigmas1195 Words   |  5 PagesReducing Mental Health Stigmas According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, 1 in 5 adults in the United States of America experience mental illness in a given year (NAMI, 2017). Out of those adults, not all will seek out mental health services. If there are services in the community being offered, why are the services not utilized more often by these individuals? There may be many barriers that preventRead MoreThe Effects Of Stigma Surrounding Mental Illness1658 Words   |  7 PagesMental illness is a controversial topic in recent news. From Sandy Hook to the Aurora movie theatre shooting, the effects of mental illness have sparked fierce debate and negative stigma surrounding the issue. Mental illnesses, â€Å"patterns of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that are deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional† (Myers 562), affect 1 in 4 people at some point in their lives (Stigma and Discrimination). However, only 59.6% of people with mental illness report receiving treatment, as theyRead MoreThe Stig ma Associated With Schizophrenia1554 Words   |  7 Pageson April 2, 2015 Abstract Mental illness is an area that many people are uncomfortable with. There is something suspicious about people who tend to appear mentally ill. This creates nervousness, fear, while presenting the unknown; therefore, Stigma. Now Stigma is defined as disgrace or public disapproval, which can lead to the devaluation of a person. Because of the stigma and devaluation it creates significant barriers for those targeted simply because of their mental status, such as fear, doubtRead MoreMental Illness And Mental Health1568 Words   |  7 Pagescontinuum of mental health, mental health and illness are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Most of the population lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum; however, the line can be crossed putting an individual into the mental illness end of the continuum. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five adults experience mental illness in a given year in the United States (â€Å"Mental Health By The Numbers†, 2015) . Although this is a relatively large number, mental illness is oftenRead MoreBipolar Disorder And Its Effects On Society1416 Words   |  6 Pagesall mental illnesses but, specifically bipolar disorder because humans have not come out with the technology to fully study the brain. This is why people often judge people with mental illnesses and place a certain stigma on them, people just do not know what to think. For our group project, my group wanted to learn more about why mental illnesses are so misrepresented within our culture. Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, affects roughly 5.7 million people in the United StatesRead MoreThe On The Sandy Hook Shooting1464 Words   |  6 Pagesoccurred in the United States. After every tragic shooting like this one, the debate over control gets re-energized. In the Sandy Hook shooting the shooter Adam Lanza had some mental health issues, such as Asperger syndrome and an undiagnosed case of schizophrenia, and brought back the debate about the connection between mental illness and gun violence. This essay will examine all sides of whether mental illness should be included in background checks and how such laws could affect our society. Read MoreMental Disorders And The United States1370 Words   |  6 PagesMany people completely misunderstand mental disorders and don’t bother trying to correct mistakes made by themselves or others. Depression is no exception. Although it is one of the most common mental disorders categorized in the United States, how is it still such an issue? Although it is so common many people do not recognize the signs in others due to media portrayal, gender stereotypes, and the many misconceptions about this serious mental disorder. People s moods never stay the same, theyRead MoreThe Sociological Perspective On Medical Conditions1687 Words   |  7 Pagesconditions. The sociological perspective focuses on the external influences, rather than then internal influences, such as the social environment, institutions, and relationships to assess and explain illness. The sociological perspective contains the following theories to support its assessment of illness and they are: stigma, labeling theory, and medicalization. These three concepts play a large role in the sociological perspective. According to Freund, stigma is a discrediting label that changes theRead MoreMass Shootings On The United States939 Words   |  4 PagesThe mass shooting has become a big issue in the United States. After shootings like the one that happened in Newtown, Connecticut all Americans come together to look for ways to actually prevent mass shootings to happened. â€Å"Mass shootings are defined as the killing of four or more victim s Rates of Mass shootings have risen dramatically in the last few years. Since 2006, there have been more than 200 mass killing in the United States.† ( Due to the big increase in mass shootings a questionRead MoreMorgan Hobbs. Mr. Bertelsen. English Iii. 22 February 2017.817 Words   |  4 PagesBertelsen English III 22 February 2017 Stigma of Mental Illnesses â€Å"Come find me when you decide to not have a broken arm.† â€Å"You don’t look like you have a terminal disease. You’re just saying that to get attention.† â€Å"Can’t you just try to not get sick?† Nobody would actually say these horrible things to someone with a physical disease, and yet we find it okay to say it to someone with a mental disease. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) every year

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Essay on Negative Effects of Tv on Family Life - 1130 Words

Negative Effects of TV The television has many effects on family life and the individual, causing family bonds to unravel and the individual to become naà ¯ve of their surroundings. The TV keeps one hooked for hours on end, causing family relationships to diminish and personal relationships to weaken. Not only does the TV seem to be a good alternative to conversations and interactions amongst one another, but it also helps to create a gap between the fictional world of TV and reality. Since the invention of the home television, it has become a crucial part in everyday household life. Children spend less time with family, because it is simply easier to sit down and be entertained by the TV. †The time spent next to it [the TV] exceeds the†¦show more content†¦108 No.5) The violence seen on TV, can lead to violent acts later on. Individuals are affected by what they see on TV and can be influenced by the suggestive nature that is described in almost every TV program. â€Å"Even in G-rated, animated movies and DVDs, violence is common† (Boyse, RN). The TV violence has an effect on people and children of all ages, and even though some programs are educational and beneficial for the development and growth of the child, there are so many other programs going on at the same time that contradict the idea of â€Å"good TV†. Television watching also has a major impact on the self-image one has of themself. The TV paints a false image of what the normal and accepted person should look like. The person watching, therefore gets sucked into the mindset that they have to be like the well-toned models seen on tv, this creates many different problems. Insecurities within the individual flourish and they are constantly bombarded with images of how they should be, in order to fit into today’s society. While watching constant images of healthy women and men makes some people immediately jump off the couch and start their â€Å"cardio routine† some sit back and envy what they simply will never have. Ironically, this leads to eating disorders and obesity. â€Å"People, who spend hours and hours in front of the TV sets, are under veryShow MoreRelatedTelevision Is An Essential Means Of Socialization1258 Words   |  6 Pages75 inches. Television is an essential means of socialization. If used appropr iately, it brings families together, informs with news and media, and educates with knowledgeable programs. Although the television has great values of socializing, some programs on the TV can have negative and detrimental effects, corrupting some viewers. An average American family views television, and can consider watching TV a major activity in their home. But who is not only viewing the programs, but retaining the informationRead MoreTelevision And Its Effects On Children1673 Words   |  7 Pagescaused by their excessive viewing of violent movies. Television viewing has its advantages and disadvantages. People have the right to choose what to watch and nobody is to blame if they pick the wrong program. Obviously, the effect of too much violent television is usually negative for children, and some of these perspectives will be discussed in this paper. Many programs, shows and movies on television are violent. These programs are not good for children to watch. The more kids see violence on televisionRead MoreThe Negative Effects of Television for Children1148 Words   |  5 Pagesbecome a member of almost every single family on our planet. And not just an ordinary member, but a very important one, because the time spent next to it exceeds the amount of time spent together with any other family member. You do not have to apply any efforts to talk or listen to complaints while â€Å"communicating† with it. You do not have to play with your little son after a hard working day. You are SO tired! Can anybody respect that? You can simply turn the TV on and everything is done: kids areRead MoreDifferent Types Of Reality Television : The Genre Of Reality Television724 Words   |  3 Pagesreal-life occurrences. Reality shows often follow a situation, game, or family. This genre of television highlights conflict and drama to the f ullest extent. What effect does reality TV have on not only adults, but children watching? Does reality television represent an actual picture of people today and have a positive effect on society? Reality television has been around for many years, and the conflict and drama have only increased. Earlier, reality shows wanted to give insight to a family thatRead MoreThe Reality of Reality Television1699 Words   |  7 PagesTelevision Have you ever set there watching your favorite reality television show and wondered what effects it could have on you, your family or your friends? Truth is most people do not think about the effects television shows can have before watching them or allowing their children to watch them. This paper will discuss rather reality television is real or fake, what the appeal of reality TV is, how reality television has changed television viewing habits, and the impact of reality televisionRead MoreThe Phenomenon Of Reality Television941 Words   |  4 Pagesof Reality Television† GENERAL PURPOSE: To present new information SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience about the history of reality television, the types of reality television, how popular it has become in our world today, and the negative and positive effects of reality television. THESIS/CENTRAL IDEA: There is so much more to reality television than meets the eye. INTRODUCTION I. HOOK: Just imagine. You’re sitting on your couch flipping through the channels on your television. You notice thatRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of Reality Television1462 Words   |  6 PagesReality television shows are meant to portray the essence of reality. These shows are created to show the audiences about all the different life situations that they can relate to with their own lives. Thus, reality should be the main component of these shows, however, that is not always the case. Reality shows are staged productions that are affecting society in many ways. The primary component that distinguishes reality-based programs from similar forms of entertainment including traditionalRead MoreFamily Guy Essay1114 Words   |  5 PagesChelsea Kingsbury Miss Laing English EAE4U March 7th 2013 Family guy, a bad influence on children? Family guy is a dysfunctional family that lives in Quahog, Rhode Island. The parents: Peter and Lois. The children: the oldest, Meg, the middle child, Chris and the baby is Stewie. Last but not least, the dog Brian. This TV show exhibits crude, adult humour. There are many different opinions on this show, many parents are ok with letting there children watch it and other refuse to do so becauseRead MoreNegatives of Television and Video Games728 Words   |  3 Pagespopularity in the 2000s, serious and necessary questions need to be answered regarding the negative aspects of these new technologies. The technologies have perhaps caught people in such bewilderment and dazzle that the negatives have been given a blind-eye. The positives no doubt are countless, however whether they outweigh the negatives or not is another question. Nowadays, with TV programs becoming many and TV channels and digital entertainment enterprises becoming countless, the quest for originalityRead MoreEffects of Reality Tv on Society998 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscussions about the effects of reality TV on society. Positive and negative effects of reality TV are two parts of a coin. Unfortunately the coin mostly falls on the negative side. Many reality TV shows are created purely for profit without thinking about its consequences on the mindsets of viewers, especially young viewers . Media companies accept that they make these shows for profit and they do not care about the effects on people. They

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Courage in Individuals in On Being Seventeen, T Essay Example For Students

Courage in Individuals in On Being Seventeen, T Essay Courage in Individuals in On Being Seventeen, The Most Dangerous Game andGiving BloodCourage in Individuals in On Being Seventeen, The Most Dangerous Game andGiving BloodIn my eyes it is a good thing. It can make hard times easier and easytimes easier. Courage is overcoming a fear for a worthwhile purpose, such asjumping in front of a train to save someone. I will be defining the courage ofthree very unique individuals from previous stories read. They are Mr. DavidRaymond from the bock On Being Seventeen, Bright and Unable to Read, written byDavid himself. Mr. Rainsford from The Most Dangerous Game written by RichardConnel, and Mrs. ONeill from Giving Blood, written by Roberta Silmen. David Raymond, from the book On Being Seventeen, is courageous in apsychological way. He is a high school student who was born with dyslexia. Hewrites about his life and how difficult school and learning to read was for him. All he wants is for people to accept him the way he is. anyway life wasawful. More then anything I wanted some friends. By the end of high school hewas more excepted in places where he once was ostracized. He even tries to helppeople with the same problem he has. Maybe he was scared like I was.Inelementary school it was not easy.In high school I made honors and even won aletter on the cross country team. He put his fears aside to do what had to bedone. To learn the best he could in school for later life. The next storydeals with courage in another way. Physically. Mr. Rainsford from The Most Dangerous Game is a sailor who isshipwrecked on an island inhabited by only one person. A bestial hunter. During Rainsfords stay he becomes the hunted. He has to put his life on theline in order to escape. He stopped, held his breath. The baying of thehounds stopped abbruply. Close. His heart stopped. He ends up escaping thedogs only to find himself in a dual with the hunter. On guard Rainsford. Afterwards one of us will be repast to the hounds. The other will sleep in mybed..Rainsford never slept in a more comfortable bed. In that story we are left only to wonder what Rainsford did with hislife. Did he stay at the estate or did he go back to sea?The final person is Mrs. ONeill, from the story Giving Blood. She iscouargeous mentally, physically and socially. She is a middle aged women who ismother to a girl taken by leukemia. Mrs. ONeill is forced to go door to doorin order find blood donors to give platelets.My daughter is in the hospital. She needs blood.could you give. She has leukemia. This takes a lot out ofher both physically and mentally. She is scared to go to the houses in fearthat people will say no. You can give platelets. She only needs platelets. Please. She finds many people to give blood for her succumbing daughter thatprolongs her life. As proven in this paper each one of the individuals shows one or moretypes of courage. Mentally, physically, socially, and psycologically. Ifcourage was not a part of human life, maybe Mr. Rainsford would have given upand been killed. Maybe Mrs. ONeills daughter would have died from deficiencyof blood platelets. And probably David would not have been half the man is istoday. Courage is an essential part of life. English

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Ballistics and forensic science free essay sample

The amount of damage a bullet has sustained upon hitting a hard surface can help determine approximately where the shooter was standing, what angle the gun was fired from, and when the gun was fired. Any residue on the bullet can be studied and compared to residue on the hand of a suspect, on the gun that was fired, or on any object that was close by when the firearm was used. This information helps researchers uncover the identity of the shooter. When the bullets are missing, the type of impact they made can lead Investigators to ascertain what kind of bullet the rimming used, and therefore the type of gun as well.Studying the markings found on a bullet or the Impact a bullet made on any surface can establish exactly which gun the criminal used. Every firearm produces a slightly different and unique pattern on the shell-casing It fires; the bullet will therefore imprint a distinct pattern upon anything It hits. We will write a custom essay sample on Ballistics and forensic science or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Once scientists have Identified these markings they can easily match them to the appropriate firearm. There are many experts deeply Involved In this study, and they are frequently called upon to help solve crimes.Ballistics details are also commonly Input Into a large database that can be accessed by law enforcement agencies all across the country. When someone enters new data, the computer locates any relevant data from previous Investigations. This Information can lead to the discovery of the owner of a particular weapon, and assist In tracking down the guilty party who fired the gun. Ballistics and forensic science By freshmen type of impact they made can lead investigators to ascertain what kind of bullet theStudying the markings found on a bullet or the impact a bullet made on any surface different and unique pattern on the shell-casing it fires; the bullet will therefore imprint a distinct pattern upon anything it hits. Once scientists have identified these There are many experts deeply involved in this study, and they are frequently called upon to help solve crimes. Ballistics details are also commonly input into a large previous investigations.

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Week 2 - Team C A ssignment Essays - Business Economics, Economy

Week 2 - Team C A ssignment Essays - Business Economics, Economy Week 2 - Team C A ssignment A CC / 4 00 November 2 , 2015 Mark Tischler Figure 2: T-accounts for Assume table is finished and sold Figure 3: Time Tickets and Materials Requisition Form Figure 5: T-accounts for Assume table is finished and sold, bookshelves are finished and China Cabinet is n ot finished This learning team learning activity required us to walk through the simulation of job order costing process for a manufacturer of a custom-made furniture that makes three different pieces of furniture - table, bo ok shelves and china cabinets. We walked through the manufacturing process of a table, bookshelf, and a china cabinet and flow through as well as the corresponding flow of costs through the accounting systems and the T accounts. We were also required to track the costs of direct materials, direct labor and manufacturing overhead. Part of this process was filling out labor cost sheets in order to accurately track three different jobs (table, bookshelves, and china cabinet ) . This process allowed our team to understand the entire production process from raw materials to finished goods as well as understanding how to these costs are treated in the accounting system. Job order costing systems are used for projects that are unique, custom, and non-repetitive. The primary purpose of activity based costing system focuses on generating more accurate costs and is used by several companies that produce custom made, non-mass products product (i.e. custom made tables, or private jets). When calculating costs for job order costing, overhead costs are allocated to each individual job, while direct costs are traced. In our example, first, the raw materials (both direct and indirect) were purchased from outside suppliers and place d in the raw material warehouse. Then, direct labor cost s involving two employees ( one (Employee A) in cutting and another (Employee B) in finishing departments) were tracked by using the time tickets. The direct materials are also tracked by using the materia ls request form, in which the direct labor worker requests the materials (for example wood, glass etc. ) needed to begin the work on a particular job. To complete the job cost sheet, manufacturing overhead must be allocated. In a normal costing system, a predetermined overhead rate is used estimated by the company. A predetermined overhead rate is determined by dividing total overhead by actual direct labor hours. This overhead rate is then applied the number of direct labor hours incurred by each job. If the applied overhead amounts are more than actual, then we have over applied overhead. These amounts tend to balance our from month to month, and the amount of over or under applied overhead at the year-end is usually not material and the balances may be closed directly to the cost of goods sold in the income statement. A major activity of allocating overheads in job order cost system involves selecting an activity base which is based on actual cause or driver of the Company to consume the resources. This is important as some products require less activity while others require more. For departments that are more capital intensive, machine hours should be used as an allocation base, while for manual labor intensive departments, direct labor hours should be used as an allocation base. This is an important aspect of allocation overhead in activity based costing, as activities that cause or drive overhead, called cost drivers must be properly determined. In this simulation, we were already given applied manufacturing overhead and used direct labor hours as a driver of for finishing department and machine hours as a dr iver for the cutting department. Contrary of activity based costing, a plant-wide cost driver is best to use when allocating all of the company's overheads to its production output. Plant wide rate is the amount per machine hour, labor hour, or a percentage of product's direct costs. References: Electronic Reading: Job Order Costing, a simulation and vehicle for conceptual discussion; derived from University of Phoenix Website Williams, J. R., Haka, S. F., Bettner , M. S., Carcello , J. V. (2015). Financial managerial accounting: The basis for business decisions (17th ed ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Companies

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My Functionality as a Leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

My Functionality as a Leader - Essay Example It also involves me working and moving back and forth between aspects of transactional leadership and transformational leadership. Specifically, I work with the finances at a veterinarian hospital, so most of the time I rely on the use of transactional leadership. As a leader in my workplace, the context and conflict caused by diversity is a constant occurrence. Diversity can be defined in my workplace not only by race, but also by occupation, age, upbringing, etc. In order to be an effective leader, I had to learn how to integrate all of these different aspects into one cohesive unit to achieve our collective goals. Sometimes this was difficult and other times it was hard. Differences in occupation are one of the hardest ones to address because of the conflicting nature of each occupation. Some work under me with finance and we have to cooperate with nurses, physician assistants, doctors, maintenance work, etc. Under the terms of the prime minister, he calls for corporate responsibi lity of health care as well as measuring progress and outcome. In my particular area of administration this is what I focus on because it is necessary as a leader to take responsibility for ones actions as well as being aware of the progress being made by not only my department, but also by the university (Department of Health and Social Security, 1972). Because each group focuses on a different aspect of the work we do at the veterinarian university, sometimes when we are forced to work together on a multidisciplinary problem, each person focuses on solving it from his/her perspective rather than trying to find a unified solution. Also, other problems with diversity range from the decreasing of females in the workforce and the increase in males. This sexual inequality sometimes creates tension not only among individual apartments, but also among our workplace as a whole. As a leader, I have to be able to deal with these problems in diversity quickly and efficiently while using soun d judgment and making sure that we stay functional. The first important component in the scheme of diversity is understanding the protocol and policies in which the nature of my work focuses on. The healthcare world is constantly updating and changing. As a leader, it is my responsibility to be adaptable and get these changes out to my subordinates so they are completely informed when they are dealing with their work. This also includes being aware of policies that are not only made by national standards, but also by our work center. By being proactively involved in the creation of better and more incorporating policies, differences in diversity as well as making work more efficient and effective can result (Hughes, 2005). In addition to being adaptable, the nature of my work requires me to be proactive in change. This occurs by me using my political and social influences and knowledge in order to shape policy (Thomas et al., 2004). This requires me to have knowledge of how to know what policies I want to effect as well as the tactics to go about doing it as well as who it will effect (Antrobus et al., 2009). This requires knowing what my vision of my department is and trying to influence it in such a way that I will see the desired changes. While diversity can promote development within the workplace, sometimes it can hinder it was well. In particular, my role as a manager at a clinical hospital often relies on the interaction with not only my staff, but that of others as well. For example, once I had a problem dealing with the payment of insurance for a patient’s pet that was checked in for surgery. This required communication and understanding not only within the hospital as far as clinical staff, but also with the